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A Tech Company’s Guide to Flattening the Curve of a Rising Pandemic

Posted by Rick Syens on Mar 26, 2020 9:00:00 AM

The Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic is disrupting our business and personal lives in ways we’ve never before experienced—and the situation is evolving rapidly. As I write this, the number of confirmed cases in the US is in the tens of thousands, and more than 13,000 lives have been lost around the world according to MarketWatch. A growing number of states, including DataCubes’ home state of Illinois, have issued lockdown orders for all but essential workers, and experts say a nationwide lockdown may soon be necessary as reported by Foreign Policy.

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Topics: Insurtech, COVID-19

Optimizing Growth Through Enhanced Employee Experience

Posted by Rick Syens on Jan 31, 2020 3:00:00 PM

DataCubes is in the midst of rapid growth, not only in the number of employees and customers but also in the maturity of our organization. One sign of the increasing maturity is the value placed in the creation of an established People Development function. I joined DataCubes two months ago as our first-ever Director of HR, with a mission to help manage and optimize our ongoing growth.  

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Topics: Insurtech, Employee Experience