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Solving the Insurance Application Challenge: Going Beyond OCR

Posted by Ritesh Deshmukh on Jan 24, 2020 3:00:00 PM

Optical character recognition (OCR) is a decades-old technology that converts scanned images to text, and it has played an important role across many industries throughout the years. But when it comes to digitizing applications for commercial insurance underwriting, OCR is just the first step of the innovative process. Having worked extensively with the improvement of the insurance application process, I would like to give some thoughts on ways to improve underwriting productivity. Artificial Intelligence (AI), and specifically machine learning, can take the intake process well beyond OCR, making it possible to capture data accurately from scanned documents, derive meaning from that data, and apply it in ways that make the underwriter’s job easier and more profitable.

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Topics: Engineering, Machine Learning, Intake

Increasing Agility, Speed and Power with Microservices and Docker Migration

Posted by Ramesh Natarajan on Dec 4, 2019 9:00:00 AM

DataCubes recently migrated to a modern microservices architecture, using Docker-based containerization. In doing this, we’ve joined a large number of tech giants, traditional companies and fast-growing startups who have gone public about their move to microservices architecture. These companies range from Airbnb, Amazon and Comcast, to Netflix, Uber and Walmart.

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Help Others Be Great

Posted by Sangeeta Shah on Aug 23, 2018 11:10:13 AM

As Platform Delivery Lead for DataCubes, I find myself bridging two different worlds on a daily basis: technology and leadership. I love having a foot in each of these worlds but they are very different states of mind.

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